Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Merry Earth Day!

This week, the Jingle Belles challenge incorporates Earth Day (April 22), make a card using a recycled element. Well, I was well prepared for this one! I had saved a card I got last Christmas because I knew the wreath would be perfect for a recycled card.

Here is the card I made, I even cut the sentiment out of the inside and put it inside my card:

And here is the card I received:


  1. what a gorgeous card and that wreath is such a eye catcher - just lovely. I'm not surprised you saved it! :-)

  2. Must admit I like yours better ... the red is almost too strong on the original and the embossed texture is such a perfect background ... awesome holiday card recycle ... always thrilled to have you join us at jingle belles.

  3. ooooooooooh! ok, i already loved both the idea AND the design of your gorgeous card, and totaly agree with miss stephanie that your card IS MUCH COOLER, but i absolutley ♥looooooooooooove♥ that you showed the original b/c it really shows how much thought went into the new card, and how wonderful the results are. i have to start doing that, the contrast is almost as cool as the concept!!! ♥♥♥