Wednesday, June 29, 2016

"Clearly" this technique needs a little work

I decided to make a card using vellum for the Jingle Belles "It came upon a Midnight Clear" challenge, to make a Christmas card using a clear element. This one was, ahem, "challenging" (snort!).

I stamped the snowy scene on white cardstock and inked around the edges, then attached it to kraft cardstock. I laid vellum on top and liked the fuzzy ethereal effect. The problem I wrestled with is how to affix the vellum to the image without using adhesive. Stitching seemed like the perfect solution, added bonus, I love sewing on cards. But what I didn't figure out until AFTER's virtually impossible to make the vellum lay flat when it's been stitched to the cardstock. So it came out even more fuzzy/ethereal than I intended. So I wasn't going to post it but it started to grow on me. So I added a couple stickers from My Mind's Eye and decided it will do.


  1. oof, sorry, vellum is always a little challenging, alas, but you've done REALLY WELL here! i really love this! not just the vellum... tho i do love that as well, but the choice of stamp, the brown ink, the khaki mat, using zigzag stitch... even the "last minute" stickers are the perfect choice! ♥ CLEARLY awesome, missus! ♥

  2. I think the effect is very cool ... sort of like viewing home in the distance through a snowstorm ... so very glad you're CLEAR-ly having fun with us at jingle belles.