Sunday, February 24, 2013

No such thing as too many sketch challenges...

Sticking to my New Year's resolution to produce two versions of each card I design is proving to be much easier to stick with than either rez #2 (keeping my craft space organized) or rez #3 (get an hour of exercise every day)! Here is the second version of my card inspired by the current Jingle Belles Sketch challenge, provided by Brenda Barton of Brenda's Crafty Corner. Sometimes I like the first attempt best and sometimes the second one. But as my mom says, you are my very favorite second child.

One thing that was very satisfying about this was the materials I was able to put to use: old scrapbook paper that was gathering dust; an embossing folder that I love but haven't used for a Christmas card yet (one that my buddy Stephanie sent me when I first started card-making, lo these many months ago); my sewing machine, which is less intimidating since I took to heart Lauren's advice "pretend that's how you meant it to look!"; a Christmas tree die that I bought a while ago and never used; and some ribbon that I darkened by rubbing a stamp pad over it.

That was a fun one! Next up, my less successful design.


  1. Love everything about this one ... especially the ribbon *tinsel* on the tree ... the muted tones are so elegant, and that paper makes a fantastic background to ... always glad to see you join us at jingle belles (yeah, my exercise resolution has taken a beating too with all of the cold, wind & snow).

  2. This is 'tree'mendous! I love how you used a "tall" version of the sketch and included such wonderful detail. The embossed background is stunning. Love the beautiful ribbon on the tree and the colors are just perfect! Well done! Thanks for using my sketch.

  3. (ok, i went to start typing and saw brenda's comment... TREE-mendous! how awesome is that? and TRUE, as well!!!)

    (rats, i think i forgot what *I* was going to say, sorry, just gimme a minute!) :)

    holy ♥WOW♥ this is FABULOUS! i loooooooove the tree, i love*love*love the ribbon garland, i love the colors, the inky goodness... but most of all... yeah... i ♥LOVE♥ the stitching, which, btw, looks absolutely PERFECT to me, anyway, so THERE!!! this is a triumph, cannot wait to see the other one, too, tho!!!

    (ps: most kind & loyal of you not to reveal that my "pretend it's on purpose" strategem was developed after discovering that WONKY is my very BEST sewing style!!!!!) :) :) :)