Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sticky Christmas Cards

First card I've made in weeks!! I'm tellin' ya...every time I cut back on one thing, something else pops up to fill its place (and then some). I gave up one of the non-profits that I was working with, just not enough hours in the week. And then...I found that my name was added to a committee to award scholarships...I couldn't turn that down. Next I was asked to help with uniforms for the high school track and field teams; uniforms distributed...check. I can hardly wait to get them back for laundering at the end of the school year. :-) Obviously I love doing it all or I wouldn't.

But the result is too little card-making! Last night I quickly produced two cards just to make sure I get to post something on Jingle Belles for this challenge. And it was awesome! Not the cards, although I like them...but it was getting in and touching the paper, putting things in place and moving them around, losing myself in the process. I love it.

The current Jingle Belles challenge is to make a card featuring stickers. So I thought, hey I have a ton of stickers that I need to put to use. I'm going to make a card entirely of stickers! Well, and paper to put the stickers on. So I took a bunch of stickers and played around until I found something I liked. And I tried to peel off the piece that protects the sticky part...I realized that they weren't stickers after all. They're just little paper thingies. Oh well. The sentiment is a sticker so it qualifies. I stuck all the pieces on with adhesive. End of story.


  1. Love how you used all of those fun little die cuts ... pure eye candy ... and that sentiment really pops ... awesome holiday card that makes me smile ... especially that tiny little reindeer.

  2. ah yes. i've totally done that, bought a pack of "stickers" & discovered they were diecuts. it's a "live & learn" moment but luckily we papery types are NEVER short of adhesive!!!! ;) and THESE diecuts are not at all short on charm, cuteness, and total charm! what a fun & festive card! ♥♥♥